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Dr. Noufal Mais

Dr. Noufal Mais is a successful optometrist who is well known in Alberta and Saskatchewan as the Founder and CEO of The Eye Centre franchise.  Dr. Noufal Mais also leads other clinics that include Alliance Eye Doctors, Primary Eye Care Optometry, Eye Image and Digital Optometric Services.  Dr. Noufal Mais is also known for his eye-care outreach to indigenous populations in the two provinces. He serves these individuals in their remote and rural communities with a mobile eye clinic he established.  The Eye Care Centre offers comprehensive exams for clients across Alberta and Saskatechwan, and maintains offices in Fort McMurray, Drayton Valley and Leduc. More specifically, clinics operated by Noufal Mais offer patients a range of services, such as comprehensive eye exams, retinal photography and imaging; dry eye assessments; pre-post operative surgery assessments; plus much more.  In his free time, Noufal Mais enjoys an active lifestyle that includes hunting, fishing, soccer, basketball,

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